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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

As Cherrypie Commands,,,,

.... I went to Wiltshire. Lucky that as I hadn't read her comment this morning.

So I was up early and headed to Avebury. It has a massive stone circle and you can see Silbury Hill so it full of neolithic remains AND shows Avebury has been a centre of human usage for about 6000 years. Silbury is the tallest man made prehistoric artifact in Europe.

The stones have been much abused over the years and the Saxons refused to build there church in the circle.

So on to St Mary's Alton Barnes (628). A small rural church.

I apologise I went to the Courts Garden, I've been before (see last April) but I thought it would be nice to see it at a different time of year. Oh and alright the tea room is superb, nice Prawn Sandwich and a lovely toasted tea cake.

So after a nice read I went to Corsham Court. I've never been before, it has a lovely collection of paintings and also has the ugliest portrait of a women I've EVER seen. The painter obviously had some talent since the dress was well done so I asked a woman who it was of. She looked it up and laughed, apparently the guides think it is awful as well and refer to her as "poor Penny". As the woman said these pictures are meant to be flattering!!

St Bartholmew's isn't on my list BUT as its right next to the house.... its heavily victorianised but still nice for all that.


oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures as usual Pete. The stones at Avebury are quite beautiful.

Jan said...

Very nice, but I want to know - how much was the prawn sandwich?

Pete said...

£2.90 before you accuse me of hypocrisy. I got waitress service and a nice bit of side salad!!

Jan said...

hahaha, as if I would.... Waitress service makes it okay then. ;)

Pete said...

of course :D

Cherrypie said...

Ooh! I can't wait to go there next week. I'm having to keep it down to 1 night now but I'll cram in as much as possible in that time.

Sun's shining here. It's beautiful x