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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday 18th July

And so I have moved on.

My plans for the day never happened but never mind. I ticked All Saints East Meon 618 which is Norman.

The font is a Tournai font and is pretty rare over here. This one focuses on the creation and one part shows the flat earth held up on pillars.

And so I headed for Petworth and its wonderful painted hall and collection of paintings. Ooh its a Tennier, a Kneller, oh a Sir Joshua Reynolds, look a Gainsborough and an important collection of Turners. The carved room is superb by the way.

Not sure what species of duck this is ;)

Egyptian Goose or Frankenstein's Goose as I call them.

Pete gets arty farty....

Anyway after my well earned drink and slice of Orange & Ginger cake (no dessert tonight), i found it was raining BUT I walked 100 yards and no rain.

So off to Burton Mill Pond. There is a house behind me and this is the view...

Not got a clue. will get out insect book on return.

I liked the light, there is a butterfly in there.

Equally no idea.


Mary said...

More great pictures. I like the little dog swimming.The swans were in the car park again today. We watched them while we ate stem ginger icecream!

digibirder said...

'ark at 'im - "I liked the light" LOL.

Can't help with the IDs I'm afraid. Apart from the Dog Duck. Very rare.

Diddums said...

A while ago I was looking at a photo somewhere. The description (by the photographer) and several comments (by viewers) all talked about the nice wasp on the flower. Only it wasn't a wasp... it was a hoverfly! I couldn't believe they didn't know.

Meanwhile - you've been tagged. See my post at

Janine said...

Like the font.

Pete said...

j - yeah its quite impressive.

Diddums - I know its not a wasp :D think there are a number of "false" wasps. will check meme out

Ally said...

Beautiful font - I do think your photos are fantastic, the have so much depth.

oldcrow61 said...

Great stuff Pete.

Pete said...

Ally - it's the camera!!