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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have rewritten this flipping post three times!!! I don't want to go on about Mum and depress you all but an update.

Firstly thanks everyone for their well wishes.

Dad has just rung and she is in the hospice, he says it is a nice place, she has her own room, view of the garden and there is no restriction on visiting. He says she is more settled now, suppose it was the uncertainty.

Last night he was telling me that they say she is going in for a rest (for him and her I guess) and she would come out. But I find that hard to believe.

I've made an appointment with a Building Society yesterday and I was going photographing afterwards but Dad said was I planning anything after and he might be able to come. I of course said I had no plans, the poor old sod has not done anything for months and the change of scenery will do him a power of good.

I will pop into see her tonight.


digibirder said...

If you want to go on about it, you do that. It's good to talk, you know!

Sounds like a good plan with your dad. You can both share your thoughts with each other.

oldcrow61 said...

I agree with everything digibirder said. Hugs.

Cherrypie said...

Diane's right. You can say or do whatever you want.

And hospices do provide respite, only the places are so flipping difficult to come by, the illness has often advanced before they actually get a bed.

Sending hugs in the general direction of you, your Mum and Dad. X

Jan said...

Will be nice for your dad to get a break, glad your mum has a nice place to stay.

nicola said...

give your mum and dad a hug from me. Oh and try to keep positive that she will come out...sending all my best best thoughts and wishes...oh and my phone is always on

Anonymous said...

Hey there Pete, so glad you told us what was going on with your Mum, I was wondering. Sorry to hear it though. It is probably good for your Dad that he will get a bit of a break now. I think it is good for you to write about it Pete and I think your Mom's ongoing struggle is a big part of your blog to me. Give your Mum a hug from me.