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Friday, July 06, 2007

That's alright then

Well I have no idea what I am doing tomorrow.

First I was going to Wicken Fen Dragonfly hunting but I was stood up by Nic.... AGAIN, then I was going to Norfolk with Dave but it is "too windy". The Dude.

I will pack my camera and make the decision tomorrow morning when I wake up. I think I'll go somewhere I haven't been for a while. Anyone have any photographic preferences? Wildlife? Buildings?

Anyway a picture of Lorenzo de' Medici by the artist Raphael has just sold for $37.8m. The portrait has not been seen in public since 1968 and when last sold it went for $325 as the art world was divided over its authenticity. Apparently experts now agree its genuine, well that's alright then. I do wonder about some of these authentications especially when opinions seem to change. Still my own attitude to art is ignore the name and enjoy what you like.

The portrait was commissioned by Pope Leo X after he arranged a marriage between his nephew(Lorenzo) and the cousin of the King of France. The couple had never met and the painting served as an introduction. The couple married in 1518 and had a daughter, Catherine de' Medici, who went on to marry King Henry II of France.


oldcrow61 said...

Dragons and Butterflies please. A few Bees wouldn't go amiss either.

nicola said...


Nathalie Winberg said...

I think your attitude towards art is a healthy one.

Anonymous said...

I prefer buildings.

Jan said...

I'm waiting with baited breath to see what you did. Back at 2.27 to approve the last remark, but still no sign of today's activities. It must have been good. Or a disaster I suppose....;)

Pete said...

Nic - you what?

Anony - well lucky for you I got both

Jan - uh i got back after 4!!