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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday 22nd July

Well I finished Harry Potter 7 last night ;) I won't spoil it for anyone and will post a review later in the week.

Anyway I delivered HP7 to Min this morning and returned home.

Spent a few hours down Rye Meads nice to see a LRP (hiding the little so and so) and some final pictures.

Lapwing on one leg

Young Ducks in abundance these are Tufties


Another Tufty

Kestrels prepare to leave home.


oldcrow61 said...

Welcome back Pete, it's been great following your journey on the blog. Great pictures as always.

Anonymous said...

These are not good pictures at all and never will be unless he learns that the shutter speed should be at least the reciprocal of the focal length.

Pete said...

thank you Anony. A name would have been nice

digibirder said...

anonymous, I suppose you're a real expert photographer then? Perhaps you could link us to some of your exceptional shots. Some constructive criticism may have been a bit more helpful, rather than barbed remarks.

Jan said...

Now why would they give their name and then we could look at their blogs and find fault with them and their oh-so-perfect lives? Take no notice mate, I've had my fill of anonymous comments, and I'm going to stop them again now, so they can just keep their nasty critical thoughts to themselves if that's what they get off on.

Pete said...

hi guys

the comments don't bother me since I know that they are FAR from perfect

jan cornwall said...

well the regular readers of your blog think your pictures are great, loved the little ducky ones how cute, oh and the wallabies reminded me of sunnier climes! you seemed to have a good holiday welcome back, not long till the next one!!!

digibirder said...

Pete, there is nothing wrong with your photos. You (and I) are not trying to win any prizes here. We are keen amateurs, that's all. We're not pretending to be anything else.

If anon has any better photos that we could, perhaps, critique, I would like him/her to back up their so-called knowledge with some evidence. Assuming they return. Perhaps they would like to offer the benefit of their immense expertise on my photos, too.

nicola said...

Tad harsh annony! It would have been nice if you had explained what you meant, after all we are all learning and it would have been helpful Im sure!

Pete, you take photos as you enjoy the hobby I can see marked improvment in what you are taking. I would say (I have before :) ) that they are still a little central in the photo for my liking, but its personal preference at the end of the day. I can look at ones ive taken and think Hey thats not bad and get no comments and ones I think are shite get comments....GO FIGURE!!

It would be perhaps useful to know what settings and lens you are on when you are taking the photos as some are a wee bit soft, yet others are pin sharp. Mind saying that you havnt exactly had great weather have you, so the fact you got a shot at all is good!

We must arrange another outing again, sorry ive cancelled the last few, but it should all be calming down here again soon.....

Anonymous said...

Whatever. You just cant help some people. For the photographically challenged I'll decipher it for you.

If you take a picture at 500mm focal length your shutter speed should be at least 1/500 sec probably nearer 1/750 sec because that rule really is applied to 35mm focal lengths.

Got it?

Pete said...

thanks for explaining. it doesn't bother me in the least.

I just don't understand why you don't leave your name.....

digibirder said...

Anon, we're not photographically challenged. In fact I knew perfectly well what you meant, having 'dabbled' for many years with 35mm before digital came along. Pete perhaps didn't know, but I may be jumping to conclusions there.

Our objection was to the way your comment appeared to come across - self-righteous and in no way helpful at all. Constructive criticism is welcomed by anyone wanting to learn; sarcastic comments are not.

And you still haven't told us where we can see your efforts, should you be open to some reciprocal constructive criticism.

digibirder said...

"If you take a picture at 500mm focal length your shutter speed should be at least 1/500 sec probably nearer 1/750 sec because that rule really is applied to 35mm focal lengths."

Unless you're using a tripod. Or have steady hands.

digibirder said...

Just found this on a forum. I have made bold the bits I think you, anon, should pay heed to.

"The "reciprocol of the focal length" rule was coined for 35mm format cameras and is only a loose guide. If you use the notion of "reciprocal of the 35mm equivalent focal length", you're in the right range, but as said previously the best way to determine what works best for you is to experiment and learn your particular, specific ability to hold a given camera steadily enough to be satisfactory to your desires.

I've always had a pretty steady hand and have usually been able to go 1-2 stops more exposure time than the rule of thumb for acceptable sharpness, but the difference in quality when I use a tripod, even with a much shorter shutter time than the rule would imply, is enough to convince me that the key word is "acceptable" in the context of a given photograph ... :-)"

Can you tell you've wound me up? Beware of menopausal women!!

nicola said...

Its not really about being challanged, but some people do have more experience than others, isnt it nice to share our knowledge so that everyone can benefit?

I think that it was a case of not what you said anon, but the way in which it was would be nice to see some of your stuff too.....what do you say?

Pete said...

well this is fun. I would love to know where I can get to use shutter speeds of 1/500th at the moment let alone 1/750th.

Anony - as Nic says its not what you are saying, I know they are far from perfect, but the fact you come across as ooh uhm there are ladies present ;)

Now if you left a name showed us some of your work people may be more relaxed.

Me? been on to many forums to get wound up

toodle pip dinner almost ready.

Pete said...

whoops meant to add for Anony's benefit

i don't take photos for anyone other than my pleasure I post them to show friends (many people who read this blog are) where I've been and what I've seen.

st said...

you drop by for a quiet peek at a few photo's and find yourself in a major debate. You need technical coaching.
switch on camera, point, shoot-shit forgot to take lens cap off. well that's me