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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday 21st July

So I awoke early and shot off to Tesco's at Horsham to pick up my copy of Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows (140 pages read before I left after breaky).

The heavens opened again (one National Trust property in Sussex was closed yesterday) !! and I sat in the car waiting for it to clear, handy really since I could plough on with the book. But about 11 the rain abated and so I went for a stroll around Leonardslee Water Garden. It is a lovely place and I reckon would be better mid June (note to self to come back in a few years).

I'm not surprised to find a lone Black Swan but a lone Nene Goose?

There were wallabies in an enclosure but these chaps were wandering around. The third photo is not zoomed in at all and is on wide angle so you can see how close I was.

At about 1ish I went to the restaurant for lunch but there was no sarnies so I went somewhere else. I had intended going to NT Wakehurst Place but I came across High Beeches Woodland and Water Gardens and since it was HHA it was free to enter.

I can recommend the tea room. Nice Ham Sarnie and a slice of Victoria Sponge (no dessert again tonight). The gardens were a little lacking in colour but I'd like to go back in June.

So it turned into a lovely day! I am now on page 350 so with 258 to go I'll bid you adieu.


oldcrow61 said...

Wow, seems your trip just keeps getting more and more exciting. What on earth are those huge leaf plants, third picture down?

digibirder said...

I like this 'roving reporter' malarky!! Some nice photos again. Glad you managed to get the Happy Potter book!! ;)

Pete said...

OC - not really sure, think its Gunnera often called Giant Rhubarb.

Twitchy - why thank you

Ocean said...

It is incredible the beauty of these places you go to and I never see any other people in the photos - are you the only one allowed in there Pete??

Beki said...

I would love one of those African hut style summer houses. I'd also love kangaroos but don't think the cats would be too impressed!

Happy reading!

Pete said...

Beki - Wallabies.
oceans - oh yes there are others about. I try and cut them out.

Tricia said...

Leonardslee is at its best in the Spring when all the azaleas and rhododendrons are out. Early May's a good time.

Great pictures of Leonardslee and High Beaches - both these are on my "other" home's doorstep.