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Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Saturday

Well this morning I was being all financial!!! This afternoon I did some birding at Rye Meads and Amwell and this evening went to see Mum (I have been in before naturally). She seems brighter, feet still swollen though. She starts physio on Monday.

Anyway it was nice to get out this afternoon. I took a few photos. Ahem.

They are just images of my patch

I do like ducks!

Very posey Heron and the Kestrels haven't gone yet.


digibirder said...

Well, I'm not sure what your critic would say, but there are some nice pics there.

oldcrow61 said...

Pictures are FABULOUS!!

Diddums said...

I still think you should post the occasional photo on the Caedes wallpaper site. :-).

Mary said...

I like the lapwings and their reflections and I see you got some soldier beetles as well!

leazwell said...

I so enjoy looking at herons.

Ocean said...

Good Heron shots. I always over-expose them. Yours are perfect. I like the colorful butterfly thing also.

Pete said...

mary - the reflections was a nice affect wasn't it.

leaz/oceans - we seem to have one very posey Heron who frequents a certain pool. Very handy.

Oceans - the butterfly is a peacock butterfly. not only colourful but they sit still :D