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Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday 16th July

Well I was going to get into Beaulieu church today. I THOUGHT you got into it through Beaulieu Palace and the Motor Museum but the staff said no. So back to the village, which is very attractive by the way, only to find you do get into the church via the Palace but not before 12pm

The view from the village to the Palace

Oystercatcher (with the carrot beak) and Lapwing

Song Thrush

So off to Hatchlands Pond. I'll shut up and let you look at the wildlife.

Well it was time to go visit that church. Of course Beaulieu is hellishly expensive and there would be no chance of me paying £16 BUT Beaulieu is in the HHA so I get in free.

There is a motor museum, monorail, James Bond exhibit, ruined abbey and the Palace. Its a fine day out for the family BUT it does everything well but nothing superbly. The house is nice BUT its not in the same quality as say Kingston Lacy.

Oh church 617! The Blessed Virgin and Holy Child Beaulieu. The Refectory of the former abbey.

i didn't spend much time at Beaulieu I've been before. i just wanted the church but i took the above to give you a flavour. It is worth a visit.

I really wanted to go to Exbury Gardens (somewhere else i got in free!!).

I'm quite pleased with this given it was taken with an 18-250 Travel zoom.

The Gardens are the creation of the Rothschilds. I saw some good birds as well, Great Spot and Green Woody, Marsh Tit, buzzard and Nuthatch.

This is something i wish more folk would pay attention to.


oldcrow61 said...

Your pictures are fabulous. It's great following you on your holiday like this.

Mary said...

I see the swans were back in the car park area today. Beaulieu is probably worth the money if you haven't been before , but if you just want to slip in to the gardens I think it is very expensive. I like Exbury although i think it is best seen in spring or autumn. We usually go at east once a year and an added bonus is that we can take the dogs!

Tricia said...

You've been visiting some of my favourite places. Exbury in May is fantastic - visit it then if you get the opportunity. Kingston Lacy is great too - was there in June but it was pouring with rain!

Pete said...

Mary - totally agree about Beaulieu but i get in for free :D

Mary/Tricia - agree about Exbury. I'll have to come back again. Another place I can get in for nothing