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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday 17th July

I did a bit of birding first thing this morning and was able to add Tree Pipit to my year list.

I then went to Buckler's Hard. It is on the banks of Beaulieu River and was once a thriving shipbuilding village. Ships for Nelson's fleet at Trafalgar were built there including his favourite HMS Agamemnon.

A few of the houses have been "recreated" and there is a chapel and pub. Oh and a small museum.

I then took a boat trip along the river.

I had considered looking for Dragons again at Hatchlands but the wind had got up. So I finished the book I was reading.

I'm off tomorrow so I may be wifi less if there is no connection at the new place. I've been staying at the White Buck Inn Bisterne Close Burley. Its decent value giving its in the middle of the forest. Food is pub standard. Room ok, only one chair for a room with a double bed but I lie on the bed anyway. I'd stop again.

And lets finish my trip with a bit more cuteness.


oldcrow61 said...

What wonderful sights you're seeing. Great pictures once again.

Mo said...

Gorgeous colours in the chaffie photo.

Tricia said...

Pete - you're visiting all my favourite places. Had a boat trip with my Mum along the Estuary from Bucklers Hard.

Dawn said...

how do you find out about all these places? do you have a guide book or summat?

Pete said...

well National Trust, Historic Houses Association, English Heritage and the bible of the historic building looker ater :D Hudson's Historic Houses.