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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Young Birds, Butterflies and Dragons

Rather pleased to see a Tern Chick on the raft over Hatfield Forest and a stripey Great Crested Grebe chick on the lake.

Went to Rye Meads after lunch. Kingfisher appeared with fish (I believe the eggs have hatched), picture not worth posting. Kestrel chicks in the box. Young every where really. Lovely to see.

So some photos.

Red Admirals everywhere

Young birds

Black Tailed Skimmer

Common Blue Damselfly

Ducks !

On Wednesday there was a coot here!! The coots have left the nest, although the duckling got chased off by an adult.

Common Tern

Are these photos better or worse than those that precede them?

Who are you looking at?



oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful pictures once again Pete. The one of the swan with the young ones is stunning.

Jan said...

Better or worse question - I take it you mean when you have two of the same thingy? On the one of the Comma, (which is fantastic btw) I find the top one of the two to be the clearest, and the same for the other ones - if thats what you wanted to know?

The baby coot is cute or should that be coot?

Pete said...

i meant the photos before the comment and those after the comment

Mary said...

Butterflies always keep their wings closed when i try to take photos of them

KAZ said...

Where is the complaints form?
I want a pic of a stripey GCG.
But the duckling pic is marvellous.

Mary said...


Beautiful. I love the swans. I'd need to drive a long way to see such gorgeous birds.

Your butterflies are great.

Pete said...

Mary (new forest) - they were basking in some rare sun!!

Mary (NC) - one of the advantages of living in a small country is that nothing is THAT far! Lots of Mute Swans about over here

nicola said...

The second lot seem a little soft to me, were there first ones taken with the macro lens? But then I also need to sort out this monitior as it isnt as good as I would like it! Some nice photos there

Pete said...

neither taken with the macro. First lot taken with Tamron 200-500 the second with Nikon 70-300