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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sunday 17th June

Opens curtain, ooh Sun!!

Off first to Charlecote Park which is about 5 miles down the road. I was greeted by this chap.

The House is Elizabethan but heavily Victorianised. I rather like it. Lots of Martins and Swallows and there were nest all over the place.

The Brewery, Laundry and Carriage Collection.

There was a chap showing off some birds of prey.

So for a walk. There's a sensory garden

I had a stroll around the gardens, you can see that they've had some rain! I parked myself had a read.

I had a look around the house. This voice said "excuse me no photos" Me "they're binocular", Her "oh". Well wanted a closer view!

So where to? Ah yes Broughton Castle.

The church.

The coloured one is 1306 with the colour added or restored if you prefered by the Victorians.

The castle is a medieval core but heavily modified by the Elizabethans. Jenkins rates it as one of the 20 best in the country which i think is pushing it but still its very fine.

You can get on to the roof and as you can see its moated. All very Romantic.

The Gardens are quite small but very attractive.


Janine said...

That little gray owl is so cute! Great photos. So when you getting a photo website ;)

Pete said...

when someone set it up for me! I couldn't be bothered. And I'm too tight :D