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Friday, June 15, 2007


Well the next few days have been "planned" with "military" precision. Ha!

I won't be leaving at the crack of dawn tomorrow. A fairly leisurely (well for me!!) 7:30.

The weather won't impact the first two days. But it may impact how many photos I can take :(

2 maybe 3 churches (if they are all locked - growl!)
then Packwood House and Baddesley Clinton both in the care of the National Trust

Charlecote Park (National Trust) and Broughton Castle (HHA and it has a church on my list)

This will depend on the weather
if the weather is ok I'll head to Upton Warren NR if it isn't I'll head to Worcester and hopefully give you a tour of Worcester Cathedral. Then onto Hanbury Hall(NT). May be a church in the area I don't know.

Again this will depend on the weather
if the weather is ok I'll probably head to Brandon Marshes and then Warwick Castle. Again I may dip out of the wildlife bit if the weather is bad and look around Lord Leyster's Hospital in Warwick.

A church I think and if the weather is ok on to Wrest Park


Mary said...

Will there be leisurely time? Goodd luck with the weather and have great photos.

Pete said...

oh yes, I'll be found of an evening in the pub with a book!

and it isn't that hectic honest!! we're a small country