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Thursday, June 07, 2007


It was rather nice travelling to work this morning. I got up and sat in comfort listening to the radio. It was slightly more enjoyable than being surrounded by commuters in a carriage with no air conditioning.

What shall I blog about today then? Uhm Uhm. Ah!

The excellent BBC Wildlife Magazine turned up last week. There is a rather nice article on Ladybirds and a pull out and keep guide to identifying Ladybirds. Alternatively The Harlequin Ladybird survey has a sheet you can download.

In case you aren't aware Harlequins are a highly invasive species. It was first introduced to North America in 1988 and is now the most common species. It was first sited here in 2004.

Anyone interested in UK Ladybirds, and why not they are very colourful, may want to look at UK Ladybird Survey


Mary said...

Hi Pete,

I call them "Ladybugs" over here. I love photographing them. There have been news reports of large swarms that cover the inside and outside of homes.

Cool little "Ladybirds"!

Anonymous said...

I never heard of a ladybird so I looked and it was a ladybug! Ladybird sounds much better! We can buy them - I think it is a good natural way to get rid of aphids in the garden. I am probably wrong, usually a bit mixed up these days. Oh well. Our garden used to be full of them.