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Monday, June 04, 2007

How We Built Britain

Regular readers of this blog will not be surprised to learn, that I was watching the new David Dimbleby series How We Built Britain last night. The first episode concentrated on the East of England which is the area I just happen to live in.

The program started at Ely Cathedral and ended at King's College Chapel, which Dimbleby describes as the last great flowering (or somesuch) of medieval architecture. The idea was that the East of England was the best place to see Medieval Architecture. If you are going to start with that contention then his start and end points were exemplary.

Starting at the Norman Conquest seems slightly arbitary, but then I suppose there are few pre-Norman buildings standing today.

Dimbleby did a nice little travelogue taking us to various picturesque locations. As you can imagine I was sat there going, ooh been there, ooh its Lavenham and that tower in the distance is Long Melford church. Its also Firsly reminded me that I really ought to visit Hedingham Castle and Cressing Temple Barn and that I've never been Little Walsingham (I bypassed it and visited the lovely church of Great Walsingham).

I can't say that the program advanced my knowledge that much and to describe it was epic seems grandiose. As I say it was a pleasant travelogue and a nice way to spend 60 minutes.


Anonymous said...

I did actually learnt quite a few things from the programme... Also I found it all rather entertaining, which is a lot to say for a programme about architecture.
A nice warm bath for a Sunday evening.
Loved it

Pete said...

hi anony

i have enjoyed it. It and coast are the best two hours of telly of the week