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Monday, June 25, 2007


Well I think I'm going to close the wildlife blog. Too much of the info gets repeated here or if it doesn't I think could be used here. I need to create all the lists on this site and then bang. Not sure about the Sports Blog. This does not mean that this blog is under any threat, i still really enjoy doing it.

In answer to the when are you doing a photowebsite query, well don't hold your breath. I really don't think I want to put the time and effort into it. I may work in computers but I'm a dinosaur so this HTML stuff isn't something I play with. I know you can get free webspace and the like but they don't seem to offer that much space (Blogger offers a gigabyte) and do I really want to pay for storage? If anyone has an EASY way of doing it let me know. Please note my natural inclination is to be lazy.

Sunday night must be the best night of the week for telly! Firstly we had Saving Planet Earth which was beautifully shot (much of the footage had come from the recent Planet Earth). Global Warming is a contentious topic. I think most people believe its happening but they disagree on the cause, some think it is caused by man other that it is a natural function that has been exacerbated by man. Undoubtedly there will always be sceptics but something IS happening.

When Attenborough speaks he does so with more sincerity, gravtitas and emotion then any politician.

For the next two weeks a bunch of celebs will be seen oohing and ahing at some beautiful wildlife. If it convinces a few people to change their minds or put their hands in their pockets then goodo. Personally I think most people care more about having two weeks in Spain than they do about the future of the planet.

I recently saw a flyer for a charity called Flora and Fauna International. On closer inspection I discovered they describe themselves as "the world's longest established conservation society". The vice-presidents include the aforementioned Mr Attenborough and Charlottte Uhlenbroek. The patron is the Queen! I had never heard of it before.

I didn't watch coast, its repeated next Saturday so I'll watch it then. Instead I watched the episode of the brilliant Yes Minister the one where he becomes PM. Seemed apt.

I did enjoy Dimbley's Building Britain. I've visited the circus in Bath and was surprised to learn that though the frontages are a perfect match the backs are all different.


Diddums said...

Is there a difference between photowebsites and blog sites? I don't really know anything about them at all. I'm getting worried about my own blog site because I'm running out of file storage space there and (because of the glitches which haven't been mended on the site) can't even go in and delete any old images. What am I to do - delete Aw Diddums and start a new one?? Not a tempting prospect. Maybe move to WordPress.

Pete said...

Does wordpress give you any more storage for free? I know blogger give you a gig and I have a fair way to go to use that up and like WP I can buy more storage.

you could open a new blog and make the last post on your old blog a link to your new one and vice versa.

Photo website? well its a proper website with my own domain name etc.

digi-birder said...

If you just want somewhere to upload and display all your photos, Picasa Web Albums offer a gigabyte of space.
If you download Picasa Photo Organiser onto your hard drive, it will keep your photos organised (does what it says on the tin!) and also enables you to upload photos more easily to your web album or your blog. I downloaded this some time ago, but haven't really used it in this capacity yet, but I may try it, as the photo upload from Blogger does my head in.

I have set up a web album already - still a work in progress: