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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Evening In

I picked Jan up at 4 and I was told to sit back and do nothing (other than open the wine). I would like to say these are instructions that I can follow with out any problems.

Then a cry uh Pete the oven stopped. Yes after 12.5 years service it broke. Think its something electrical oh well it can be mended.

Jan coped admirably and used the mircrowave to cook me a very nice dinner. Thanks sweetie. I'll take you out to dinner next time.

The wine was rather good, the first was from an Essex Vineyard Sandyford Vineyard. We had the Clover Hill 2003 a blend of Bacchus and Reichensteiner. The other was an Argentinian Chardonnay which was on offer from Tesco at half price.


Jan said...

After 12 and a half years, isn't it time to buy a new cooker? Will probably be cheaper than getting someone out to fix the knackered one.

Pete said...

Hi Jan

they are coming Saturday morning. Its one of those built in jobies. I'll see what they say may be straightforward. Should I tell you the microwave will be 21 this year :D

nicola said...

I darent think of the things ive replaced over the years, but I think thats to do with my static electric problem! No nothing to do with my knoickers

Jan said...

My mum's fridge is over 40 years old! Still in near-perfect condition, the only thing has ever gone is the bulb inside which she's replaced! They don't build 'em like that any more. We bought it 2nd hand when we moved from Kent in 1967!

I'm afraid I don't take after her though, the oldest electrical thingy I have apart from my hairdryer, is the fridge, which is about 5 years. I like buying new electricals though, it's a bit of a OCD with me. :)