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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Waiting around

Well the GP couldn't get hold of my Mum's specialist so she sent her to the hospital with the words "you may have to wait a while".

So at 2:30 they duly arrived and were still there when I got home from work. I popped in with Sarnies and my dad's insulin kit and joined them about 7. We finally left at about 9:40!! She had blood tests, ECG and X-ray and they still think its ligaments. The x-ray's should no breaks, cracks or spikes. The results of all the tests will be sent to her GP and I guess the Cancer Specialist.

Of course none of this precludes it being Cancer but.....

When she was treated the staff were excellent but ye gods the waiting gets you down. Then again I suppose they treat emergencies first.


jan, cornwall said...

At least the tests have been done sooner rather than later! and the doctors seem quite positive that it is ligaments, send her my best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Emergency rooms are notoriously slow - nature of the beast.

Please don't worry about your Mum. I'm sure it is as they say. I'll be praying all of you find some peace about this.