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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Waiting Again

Well Mum goes to the specialist for the results today. So I'll be waiting for the phone and praying the cancer hasn't spread and that her neck problems are arthritis or something else. That said I'm not hopeful. No reason why but fear the worst.

Spoke to her last night and she sounds very nervous (well you can hardly blame her) after all she has been through this will be a real downer.

She hears about 12ish I think. I'm popping in tonight.

I popped out to feeding sultana feeders to see the Starlings sat on the aerial "waiting". No sooner had I moved 10 feet one of the greedy so and so's was down scoffing.

All this rain may put the kibosh on my activities but it is always fun to watch the Blackbirds stalk across the garden listening for worms. I just love the way they turn there heads and then do battle with the worm!

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