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Friday, May 25, 2007

Social Networking?

just over a year ago I had never heard of blogging and I thought I was all cutting edge having a blog but I've subsequently learnt this is all old hat and that I really really ought to be using a much more up to date tool.

The media has "introduced" me to MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and Twitter. Apparently these are "social networking tools". Apparently lots of people use them to keep in contact.

Twitter can send you texts when a friend updates their page.

They all look like they are aimed at the "yoof" market and I seem to be able to do anything I want to do here.

And thats all I know! Do I want a "social network" saying I have 0 friends? Do any of you use these?


Dorothea said...

Surely this is Big Brother getting us to spend our own time keeping BB informed of our movements. Kinda like the HMRC make you spend ages gathering their taxes off you.

I hear Bebo has crims boasting their activities. Like that programme "America's dumbest criminals", maybe a few terrorists will oblige with advance schedules?

Diddums said...

I've heard of them, mostly Twitter, but I don't think I need to go down that route. It sounds a little like information overload. Blogs I enjoy, but the rest is a bit too... out there for me. But I thought that about blogs, too, once upon a time.

Anna said...

I'm on Facebook, because all my uni friends are on it and they kept going on about how great it is.

I've found that it's a useful way to invite people to social events and stuff, and sending a message on there (my friend Pippa insistst that "facebook" is a verb) is cheaper than texting.

But really, my life's no better for it. I wouldn't bother.

oldcrow61 said...

Funny you should mention this Pete. Just recently I got an email saying something like "Welcome to Facebook". Then pointing me to my "Page". I nearly fell off my chair. My dear daughter had set me up on it without my knowledge. Frankly, I don't understand what it's all about. I've never used it and have no intention of using it. Apparently it is very addictive... only to teenagers I would think. Or maybe I'm not a very social person.

Wystan said...

Ah,I agree with you,Blogs I enjoy too,I'm a chinese,I'm glad to see you.

Pete said...

welcome wystan