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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Monday 14th May

After the weather of the previous day this was a surprise. Sun!! Which was lucky since I was meeting Jan, Emma and their friend Irene to see Red Kites. It would have been a washout the previous day (total seen at Gigrin on Sunday ... 4!!)

We met up in Rhayader and EVENTUALLY got into a pub!! Had a nice ploughmans but I fed Emma a hot chip, sowwy Emma.


Jan and Irene

The local scenery.....

Some birds....

There were well over a 100 Kites in the air at one time!

We stopped for a cupp and the local farm dog wanted to play chase the ball. Think Emma thought he was daft !!

We were joined by a black & tan Cav!!

Though isn't Emma a sweety?

Lovely day with great company and sowwy again about the Chip Emma.


oldcrow61 said...

lol, the story of the chip incident is out. Everyone knows! You have some fabulous photos here Pete. Great to see you back.

Jan said...

Well the bird and dog ones are okay OC, shame that mine had to spoil a good batch - it looks like I've got no teeth! Gawd knows what I was doing. lol