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Saturday, May 26, 2007


Who turned the sun off?

I went out to top the sultana's out and found that some Blue Tits had fledged. Fingers crossed for them.

I went over Hatfield Forest first. All very lush with lots of Buttercups!

The usual Forest suspects were about, Great Spotted and Green Woodpecker, various Tits and Finches including Bullfinch, Blackcap, Common Whitethroat and Chiffchaff. There was a cuckoo somewhere about.

Early on there was a big commotion with the birds unhappy about something and I just spied a Little owl fly off.

There was a lone Common Tern over the lake, by the shell house these two were obliging.

Plenty of these.

On the lake there were Tufties, Gadwall and Swans but I couldn't find a Great Crested Grebe.

As I walked through the woods I came across this chap.

An enjoyable stroll.

So to Rye Meads. And to be told that they had Kingfisher pair. WOO HOO!!!

From Draper there was a pair of Little Grebes with young.

The water level is very high so plenty of ducks. Including a dapper little Ruddy, lots of Pochards (including one brood). Highlight a fly through Peregrine.

On the trails there were Chiffchaff, Common whitethroat and Blackcap. Lots of Tits and Finches. There were Sedge and Reed Warbler's in the Reed beds.

Lots of Coots and the Terns are returning.

And so to the Kingfisher hide. Not that good but....

Lovely to watch, also saw a Kestrel. very enjoyable stuff.


Jan said...

Fab pics, and the Kingfisher ones are just fine!

Hornet said...

Hi Pete, the photography's coming along nicely, and good news on the kingfishers - I noticed your comments on the Birdforum Rye Meads thread - must have a wander down there next time I'm with my folks.
Remind me, which camera did you go for in the end? It seems to be doing the business for you.

oldcrow61 said...

Ah..aren't buttercups wonderful, so sunny and cheerful looking. The pictures are great Pete.

Pete said...

thanks folks.

Marc - the camera is a Nikon D80. lens for these was a Tamron 200-500 and the macro lens is a Sigma 150.

all shots hand held

Mary said...

Some great photos I have bookmared your pages and will be visiting again.