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Monday, May 21, 2007

Horribly Entertaining

I was vaguely aware of a series of series of books aimed at children called the Horrible Histories. I knew nothing about them accept they look good fun.

Anyway the Telegraph on 12th May had an audio book called Horribly Famous: Henry VIII and his Chopping Block in it. I slipped it into the CD player and wow, what good entertainment. Lots of facts presented in a light hearted manner not some stuffy here is a list of dates. Sunday's Telegraph also had one on Queen Victoria. There was a free one every day during the week but only from WH Smiths so I unfortunately missed Monday - Wednesday but managed to pick them up on Thursday (Newton) Friday (Cromwell) and got Saturdays with Mary Queen of Scots.

As one reviewer wrote. Why weren’t history books like this when I was a child?

It's not hard to see why schoolchildren prefer Horrible Histories to the National Curriculum. Terry Deary's mischievous mix of humour, sadistic statistics and corny jokes, padded out by Martin Brown's wry comic cartoons, has proved irresistible bedtime reading for millions since the first, Terrible Tudors, was published 12 years ago.

Katie Law, The Evening Standard

Seriously if the books are as good as these CDs then kids are being Horribly Spoilt!

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