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Sunday, May 20, 2007

and some others

didn't know where to stick these (OI be polite!!)

I am not up on insects so please feel free to correct me....

I think this is a Green Veined White....

well its an immature Damsel. White legged anyone?

I think this is a female Banded Demoselle. I did see males.

haven't got a clue!

and two more bees

Another Damsel... Immature Azure? When you blow the photo up segment 9 is not totally blue but as its immature........

and a Peacock


oldcrow61 said...

Thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your pictures. You are getting quite good with the macro. Wonderful shots.

Janine said...

The female Banded Demoselle is stunning, love that metallic green!

Christian Brinkman said...

Nice shots!
The top Damsel is idd a White-legged Damselfly, the Demoiselle is a Banded because of the peseudopterostigma (is that called that way in English too?) is near the wingtip.
The other damsel is an Azure because on segment 2 there is a U, a Variable should have something that looks like tuning-fork, and the Common blue should have a mushroom on segment 2.
Best regards,

Pete said...

ta Christian. so I actually got them right?! WOW!! White-legged was a first for me. I'm in my second "summer".

I can't remember what that thing on the wing is called exactly, will look it up.

Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Pete. Your photos are fantastic! I have a goal this summer to capture some dragonflies. So far, they haven't cooperated with me.

digi-birder said...

Great shots. Love the dangling bee (photo 9).

Anonymous said...

like the damsels

what equipment are you using for macro and is it handheld

Pete said...

mary - dragons can be a nightmare. damsels at least sit still!!

digi - why thank you.

anony - Nikon D80, Sigma 150mm macro. All shots are handheld. I do have a monopod but only used it once.

Anonymous said...

thanks Pete - in your opinion are you finding it difficult handheld

and if you had bought the 105 do you think you would regret it (I am considering the 105)


Pete said...

I'm not finding it too difficult to hand hold. Certainly better than I expected. I get some duff images obviously. It helps if you can get a firm base.

Nic's macro shots on
use the same lens and are handheld.

I went with the 150 because I had played with Nic's and seen the results.

If I'm remembering correctly the Sigma 105 (like the Tamron 90) has a zoom that extends. I thought this might spook insects.

The 150 has an HSM drive so focusing is quicker. And I fancied the extra reach.

Janine uses the Tamron 90.

I am assuming you meant Sigma 105 not Nikon 105.

digi-birder said...

I have the Sigma 105 macro and get some good images hand-held. Never had a problem with the zooming action.

Pete said...

ta for that digi.

My logic on the macro wasn't very scientific. I just thought that 150mm would give me a bit more poke. I know that the Tamron 90 and Sigma 105 are well reviewed.

Thom Hogan speaks highly of the Tamron here ...
against the Nikon 105.

The build of my sigma is superb.