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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I bought the latest edition of the Radio Times today and I was flicking through the radio pages when I chanced arcoss a photo I recognised. The photo was at Bibury in the Cotswolds.

It was advertising the seventh and last part of a Radio 4 series called Ramblings with Claire Baldwin. The seven programmess are about a series of "iconic walks". This one is about the Cotswolds way.

The series is described as
one of Radio 4's absolute gems, utilising its presenter's evocative language to paint portraits of some of the nation's most beautiful landscapes but never losing sight of the fact that each natural setting often has a natural resonance for its walkers....

The series is on Friday afternoons so I'd miss it but as I'm off this Friday.... but then I realised that I can listen to the previous weeks programme via the BBC website - YAY, that is IF I get time to night.

I can't help but think that like Julia Bradbury's Wainwright Walks this would make excellent TV. Surely a jaunt through the Cotswolds would be more enjoyable than the usual TV fare we are treated to.

Still thank goodness for small mercies and I'll be listening Friday afternoon.


Jan said...

I've been to Bibury. Saw my first ever flock of Goldcrests there in trees along a footpath, within three feet, completely unphased by people being so near. It is a beautiful place. (Oh and don't like to be pedantic.... but I will. Cotswolds, only one T ;o) )

Eagleseagles said...

One of the good things about not working full time - one can listen to Radio 4 during the daytime...
Clare Balding is a really good broadcaster and has had great fun with her companions on these walks...
I have been able to listen to these live or later on.