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Thursday, March 08, 2007


As some of you know when I retire (oh please god let it be soon!!) I want to go towards Norfolk. For reasons far too long to go into, I was sent some properties in Harleston Norfolk from a builder today.

Annoyingly although the properties are in Norfolk they are about as far from the coast as you can get 75miles from Cley/Titchwell and 70 miles from Horsey BUT only 20 odd miles from Minsmere!

Obviously I can't afford it yet but looking at the prices it was amazing!!

They have this absolutely ginormus house 5 bedrooms, study, 3 bathrooms (ok one an ensuite), living room, dining room, kitchen, utility room for ...... £240,000. Now 3 bed semis go for that and more round here!! They had 4 bed detached houses bigger than mine for under 200k!! And the 2 & 3 beds were £135k & £160k. I'm flabagasted!!

Its not an area I considered but um..... near to the brecks and Minsmere. and 50 miles closer to the coast..... I had been considering North Cambridgeshire but there are options it seems.

It is nice to know that one day I can move out from here, buy a decent property, be close to some good birding sites and put some money in the bank.


nicola said...

If I was you, plus if you can do it, I would buy now, put it on an interest only mtg then rent the property out. That way you can buy now, who knows what will happen with the market, also that way you will make some money for your retirement pot! Plus when it comes to retirement you will have a house already to move into, you would just need to then sell your own, pay off the mtg on the other property, happy days!

Jan said...

Good idea nic, as you say, by the time retirement comes along, prices could be double what they are now.

I can't believe how the prices have risen. When I bought my first house in 1985, okay so it's 22 years ago, a three bed end of small terrace, it was £25,500. Central heating, double glazing, nice garden, the lot. I am now getting approximately twice the amount of money per week to live on than I was then, but the prices of houses have gone up by about 10 times. How on earth can anyone afford to buy?