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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some snapping practice.

I had to leave work early today to get the car has been done. I now have to send off to Tesco for the refund.

It has been a really odd day, one moment sun then we have some snow.

The car was complete about 3pm and as the sun was shining I popped down to the Stort for a stroll. And I had packed the camera and converter.

Come back sweetheart!

Aw shucks she's gone.


There are some wood carvings along the river.

Not sure why Yoda is there

Oh he's back

And he's found her


oldcrow61 said...

Your pictures are just wonderful Pete. Had to look twice to see if I was really seeing Yoda on the carving, lol.

nicola said...

swans are a nightmare to take photos of...