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Friday, March 16, 2007

it's Friday!!

When you look out on a bright sunny lunchtime the idea of snow early next seems ridiculous. Of course we are talking British Snow not Canadian snow, our variety may only give a few centimetres but for the benefit of Canadian readers we get a different much more nasty and virulent type of snow ;) They give rain Sunday as well :(

Not sure what my plan is. I have 3 options: I could do some historic buildings in Kent. I could do some local birding. I could go see the Great Grey Shrike at Grimes Graves and go on to Lackford Lakes.... oh decisions decisions.

I read the following story on the BBC website about Camels in Australia. What shocked me about the story is that there are 1 million feral camels in Australia! Apparently they were released in the 19th cenutry (quelle surprise) and with no predators the numbers grow.

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oldcrow61 said...

WHAT!...More nasty and virulent type of snow??? Sure you do, lol.