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Monday, February 05, 2007

An eye for an eye someone?

As a birder I'm not naturally disposed to being a fan of the domestic moggy (calm Beki). That said its hardly the cats fault that its natural inclination is to hunt birds now is it? Anyway they are quite cute (well some of them!).

That said I read stories like this and I really despair about my fellow man.

Diane Hannon has been sentenced to 4 months, suspended, for killing her boyfriends cat. She did this by sticking the poor cat in the washing machine.

She admitted causing unnecessary suffering and cruelly ill-treating six-year-old Paws, who was deaf.

Paws injuries included scalding. He had died from heart failure.

Now not only couldn't I do this the idea wouldn't even enter my head. I am a total softy! A few years ago I watched a female mallard protect it chicks from a Mute Swan. The Swan kept going for the young chicks but Mrs Mallard gallantly protected her chicks. She desperately flung herself between the Swan and the youngsters. I watched heart in mouth til they all got away.

Of course in the case of this woman I reckon sticking in a washing machine wouldn't be a bad idea.


Boo said...

Sentence was nowhere near enough. The woman should have been boiled in oil!

For some reason or other my password is not being allowed!


Boo said...

Oh, it has now!

Kate said...

OMG that is horrible. I agree with Boo, the sentence was no where near enough, anyone who could do something so cruel to a defenceless animal is probably capable of doing it to a person.

oldcrow61 said...

That woman should be hung. This has me totally shook up.

Jan said...

I've been trying not to get involved in a very heated thread on digitalspy forum that I belong to about this subject. In fact I found the whole thing so upsetting I didn't even want to read it. I get so bloody wound up at the "anti" pet brigade, who say it's ridiculous, it was only a cat, she was on antidepressants, so it makes it okay to do what she did. I was fuming. I'm not fond of cats as you all know, but it's beyond comprehension how anyone can be so bloody evil, she knew exactly what she was doing. If anyone did that to a pet of mine, I'm afraid I would smash their head with a blunt instrument. No question. Bloody bitch, I hope she dies a horrible death, and soon. :(