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Monday, January 22, 2007

Things to Do, Places to Go

One of the problems with this wildlife lark is it gets in the way of other activities.

As most of you know I'm into visiting Churches and other Historic Buildings. I try and work my holidays around both activities with varying degrees of success.

Weekends and other days off are a problem. I tend to use them predominantly for wildlife watching but this year is going to be slightly different. For a start I'm not going to be concentrating on a year list (not that I really do anyway). One day a month is going to be put a side for buildings.

I am "ribbed" because I don't like driving in London but the trip to Barnes made me realise that some historic buildings really must be visited.

So in West London I intend to do Syon House and Osterley Park, both are on my ought to see list. In central London I want to visit Kensington Palace and Kew Gardens. I probably visited Kew as a child (any suggestions on best time to visit?). Kensington will be a train one I expect.

There are other places I ought to go to like Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London (I last went uhm well a long long time ago!). And to this I could add Ham House, the Banqueting Hall, Chiswick House and Kenwood House.

There are lots of churches but I doubt many of those will get done. There are 3 in Kensington alone Holy Trinity, St Augustine and St Cuthbert. And in Kew St Anne's. I'll have to see if they have opening times I can use with the Palace and the Gardens.

The first to go though is likely to be Eltham Palace in the East. I say this because it opens to the public from Sunday 4th Feb so the first sunny sunday of Feb!! Kenwood House is open as well.

I wonder how I will do come the end of the year!?


Beki said...

Ooh, I really want to go to Eltham Palace because I adore Art Deco.

If you ever get to Derbyshire you must put Calke Abbey on your list. It is an old stately home but the family who lived there were quite, well eccentric and the last of the line passed awau in about 1999. They lived in a few rooms and it was in a right state but the National Trust have shored it all up from the outside so it is now protected but inside is as they left it - a very bizarre set up to see.

St Jude said...

You should also visit the painted hall at Greenwich if you haven't already.

Pete said...

Beki - curiously I have been to Calke. Weird place. loads of stuff everywhere and then that perfect bed!! Snowshill Manor, gloucs is sort of similar

st jude - wonder what that is?

Robert West said...

Syon House is well worth a visit, I put off going for a long time but was glad when I went.

Cherrypie said...

I was going to suggest Eltham Palace so was pleased to see it as I got to the bottom of your post. I've always wanted to go but not managed it yet. Take me with you. Please x

Pete said...

you serious CP?