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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sunday 7th January 2007

For those of you in the know this is the day you want to know about!!

It started badly. Pants? Where the eff? Oh god NO I haven't packed pants!! BUGGER will have to get some.

Well off to Sheringham Park and no sign of the Waxwing so on to Felbrigg Hall. I fancy avoiding the hot spots. I walk off to the lake.

I spot the Mandarin Ducks but they are over the other side so off I trudge. Now at one point there are two ways I can go along the path of across this field. I take the field. its boggy and I start to think I ought to turn back and wwwahhh losing balance splash!! I am caked in Mud. No no one took a photo!! I got back camera ok bins ok trousers a mess. Luckily I have some waterproofs in the car (Yes CP it would have been luckier if I had been wearing them) and go to the hall loos to change.

I would like to thank various people for their total lack of sympathy (Min, Diane, CP, Boo the list goes on) - ok you gave as much as I would have done and laughed your arses off. Nic gets a hug for being sympathetic!!

And just to give a hint of the comicness of the situation.

Still I need some pants.... ok go Hunstanton. Buy pants..... play with the camera....

I've done virtually nothing to them. The light was awful.

Hunstanton in Winter.

The locals looking for people willing to throw chips (not me I hasten to add).

Hunstanton Cliffs, famous for Fulmar (tick!). Oh and a bunch of people making use of the copious wind.

So onto Thornham and look who showed up!! Way too dull but heh!

Its very atmospheric I think...

I popped into Titchwell to nab a Black Brant!

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