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Saturday, January 20, 2007


I awoke to rain. I decided to stay local and do some patch birding. A curious thing happened, the Sun came out!!

I started at Amwell Gravel Pits. First thing I saw was a Water Rail.

I appreciate this is naff but....

you can see how far away it was!

Lots of ducks (including Goldeneye). No Smew, I presume they were on the second lake which I didn't walk to.

Whilst at the observation platform I saw a Sparrowhawk, Great Spotted Woodpecker and masses of Reed Buntings. And a Cetti's Warbler letting rip!

I then went to the Water Rail Hide. This is set next to a feeding station so....

It does make you realise just how attractive Blue and Great Tits are.

There were lots of Swans on the river.

This youngster decided to sit in a puddle.

The River.

Ok naff picture but hey its a Treecreeper!!

So that'll do. A few snaps on the way to the car.

Not Emma the Dog but a cousin!

On to Rye Meads.

Highlights included Green Woodpecker, Green Sandpiper (first of the year!)

It was so nice I stopped at ate my sarnies on a park bench in the sun.

I deleted a lot of pics. I had a few out of focus pics at the feeding station for instance but I am learning the camera. Oh none of these were on fully auto!!


the 2 wrennies said...

not looking too bad at all - I like the ones feeding off the coconuts

digi-birder said...

Some excellent shots there. I'm impressed. You've obviously RTFM!! ;)

Jan said...

Aww bless that emma-lookalikey. :)
The ponies are cute too. (Looks like someone needs to fill that peanut feeder.. )

Janine said...

Nice pics Pete, glad you see you are enjoying the new camera. Fuzzy ponies!

Anna said...

I want a water rail!!!!

oldcrow61 said...

Pete, the pictures are wonderful.

Pete said...

thanks all. I'm still learning the cams limitations.

The feeders are filled by H&MWT volunteers.

Jan I just had to take a photo of the little doggy ;)

Anna - see one on my last 3 visits!

Anna said...


Thought I might see (or at least hear) one at Carr Vale on Friday or today, but nothing. But then the water levels were way up so that might explain it.