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Thursday, January 11, 2007


well I enjoyed the Battlestar Galactica mini-series it explains alot about why the technology is so primitive on a ship with FTL capability. I am going to have to get hold of series two now.... oh the expense!!

And the actress playing the cylon six is sssooo hot.

The weather is appalling VERY windy and rain. No doubt the fact that everywhere is like a bog (as my trousers and butt no well) will not affect the hosepipe ban! Anyway my fence is still there!! Fingers crossed its still gusty!!

Interest rates went up today. Oh happy days!! Sorry folks but I don't have a mortgage any more (smug grin) so I am rather pleased!!


Lee said...

Howard Stern, my favorite radio shock jock, has a huge crush on Cylon 6 too.

I'm equal opportunity when it comes to eye candy...signing in the Netflix now!

the 2 wrennies said...

not seen the new BG but loved the original. FTL - faster than light ? tell us why the technology is primitive !

currently enjoying my way through Blakes 7 DVDs, on series 3 at the moment

Pete said...

Lee - netflix?
wrennies - FTL - faster than light. galactica is about to be decomissioned it has no networked computers and has no cordless phones as the cylons may hack in. The rest of the fleet has been upgraded. Six seduces Balthar who lets her have access to the computer system hence the cylons can override progs etc.

Ally said...

I think she's rather irritating :). But I still LOVE the series. We've watched them all by hiring through - brilliant to watch stuff and decide whether you might want to buy it.