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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

RTFM and Kate Middleton

I'm going to play with one or two of the pictures below. The Blakeney Church one for instance is very dark and needs brightening. That said I am quite pleased overall because it was flipping dark!!

I am hereby renaming develop-my-own-film-birder to Read-The-Manual-Birder or RTFM for short ;) I will RTFM tonight if I have time. I've got hold of the Battlestar Galactica prequel to series 1!! And I want to finish Marion Zimmer Bradley's Exile's Song and WTF is White Balance anyway!!

Oh and can I have a bright sunny day please!!

I always buy a paper when I was away and I was struck by how many stories there were, in the heavyweights even, about Kate Middleton. I presume you knopw she is Prince Williams girlfriend? Stick her name in and you'll find websites and forums dedicated to her!! For flips sake! I mean she's a pretty girl and all that but strewth! God only knows what we'll be subjected to if she marries the bloke.

Of course this got me thinking would you want to marry into the Royal Family? It seems a bum steer to me. You can't just go out, you have a bunch of idiots sticking cameras in your face, you HAVE to visit the in-laws Granny for Christmas etc etc. And in Ms Middleton's case Daddy is Millionaire so its not as if she is going to be short of a few bob. Of course if you want centre court seats at Wimbledon then marrying Royalty is a good move and you can probably get Elton John to play at your wedding. Then again you will always be told your dead Mother-in-Law was the most beautiful woman who ever lived, excuse me whilst I laugh my head off here, which is a bit of a downer.


Leazwell said...

What you say is true about the exposure etc., but don't you think many of these girls/women are seeking the limelight? I think their egos are big enough to handle the comparisons. I think they think they can carve their own niche of stardom. They WANT to see their image plastered all over the covers of magazines. Now Sophie is an exception, and I certainly think Camilla even if she were young and beautiful would not seek the glamour. But I always thought "Shy Di" was a ruse.

Thus far we in the States have not been bombarded with KM. Is she the one?

Boo said...

God only know what SHE will be subjected to if she marries the bloke!

Kate said...

Up until a couple of days ago, I didn't even know he had a girlfriend - even now, I wouldn't recognise her if I fell over her.

I think you're right, it would be pretty crap to be married to a royal. Especially, the bit about having to go to the Queens every Christmas. I suppose she would be ok, but spending time with Philip would drive me nuts.

Pete said...

leazwell - to be fair they met at university etc etc. Shy Di? ha !! I'm afraid I was NEVER a fan.

Kate - she's attractive in a "sloaney" way