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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hedgehog Wins Environment Icon Poll

You may remember a while back I blogged about the poll to determine the UK's top Environmental Icons. The Environment Agency has announced that the Winner is the Hedgehog. I think the Hog mafia are doing hop, skips and jumps.

England and Wales’ top 10 iconic species are the: Hedgehog (# 1), otter (# 2), red squirrel (# 3), oak tree (# 4), robin (# 6), brown trout (# 7), red kite (# 8) water vole (# 10), barn owl (# 11) and sparrow (# 12).

Interesting to see mammals dominating. I've never seen a live Hog (seen them on camera!!) or Otter seen the rest though. I can relate to Robin as top bird.


Boo said...

YAY! Hedgehog wins!

nicola said...


Come spring, anytime you want to see a real one....

Jan said...

Great news, but I can't believe someone of your age (!) has never seen a live hedgehog???? Amazing.

Pete said...

OI Jan!!