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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Get Well Soon Boo

I have just heard that Boo has been in Hospital since last Wednesday. Unfortunately all we had was a message today and no number but Sherlock Pete tracked her down and she comes out tomorrow afternoon.

So get well soon from me and these chaps. The yahoo gang have all missed you and we are sending our love.


nicola said...

OI Boo, get back here quick, it aint 'arf 'ard keeping my eye on pete all my meself you know!

I dunno any excuse to not do the christmas washing up!

Oh and dont forget, those cute doctors, any you want to give my number too, feel free :)

oldcrow61 said...

Can't wait to see you back Boo. Nic is doing a great job of keeping an eye on our Pete, but you're the one with the chain saw, lol. And now the darling wants her number given out to all the cute doctors...what's she like at all, at all. lol. Hurry back, hugs.

Boo said...

Thanks all. Unfortunately you are not allowed mobiles in hospital and all the numbers were recorded on it. Emma brought my address book in, which also has the numbers, but the bedside 'phone wouldn't allow me to ring mobiles. The only home telephone number in there was Janice's, so I was able to leave a message on her answerphone. I felt extremely isolated not being able to keep in touch. But I AM BACK NOW, SO WATCH OUT PETE!