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Friday, January 19, 2007

For the benefit of overseas visitors to this blog

If you ever visit Britain you will soon realise that we talk about the weather rather alot. Now this is curious as we don't really get much weather to talk about.

Overseas visitors will comment that they get Hurricanes regularly (Leazwell), Lots and Lots of Snow (OC, Robert).

Us Brits mean bad weather when it rains a bit. We complain that the summers are lousy and then moan when it gets over 30/86 two days running.

We have an inch of snow and Londons third Airport is closed AND the cars spend 13 hours on the M11. Our trains stop due to "leaves on the line" just don't ask. We have the wrong sort of snow. The M11 was hilarious since the weather forecasters had predicted it all week but the gritters never went out early enough.

We're British we like making a drama out of nothing very much.

This has been a public information blog for puzzled "foreigners".

1 comment:

Leazwell said...

That's what I like about you Brits, you can chat about the weather even when there is really none to speak of - it's part of your charm. :}