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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Please note I have nothing against Dogwalkers or Dogs BUT when there is a sign saying "Please keep Dogs on a lead in the lake area" it means Keep your Dog on a lead! Excuses like "they were most of the time". "They wouldn't hurt anything" are not acceptable. Your average animal does not KNOW THAT does it?

Dog-walkers are one of the irritations of birding Hatfield Forest but in most parts of the forest that's something I accept as they have as much right to be there as me but the lake area is meant to be leads only. It was particularly galling watching dogs plunge in the lake near to the Tern raft the summer before last. Growl!!

Sorry Jan and other dogwalking readers.


Anonymous said...

Well somewhere like that which was for birding, I would keep Emma on the lead, but I have to admit that the park I take her to in Llandysul says "Dogs must be kept on a lead" "No dogs on Playing fields or picnic areas" I'm afraid I don't comply, but I wouldnt let her off the lead if there was footie or cricket on of course, but then she wouldnt run out into the middle of it like some dogs. Unfortunately again, its the few that spoil it for the majority. Its the only time she gets to have a good huff about on the grass. There's nowhere to take dogs for a run anywhere, lead and street walking is no fun at all, and all the land is tied up here, all council owned or farmers. :( Jan (can't log in again, something has happened since I switched to the new blogger, wish I hadn't, I have to use Firefox all the time now IE won't work at all :( )

Sharon J said...

My ex was terrible when it came to respecting such signs - in his opinion our dogs had just as much right to walk free as any other creature. OK, I can understand his thinking, but I also know that dogs can scare nesting birds and other animals and, in general, if there's a sign then there's a reason for it. I must be a goody-goody because I always put my dog on her leash if a sign says I should.

Boo said...

We have a park which has a fenced off area for dogs to exercise and it is usually free of doggy dos. However, the part where they are supposed to be kept on a lead (they often aren't) is covered with it! This makes me so mad.

Your comments are very valid Pete and didn't upset me at all.

Diddums said...

There have been a few times here when people walked dogs loose along the street (this is a residential area, not a park) and the dogs have chased my cats. At least once the owner looked apologetic as the cat and dog shot past me and he could see I was the cat's owner, but he didn't start putting his dog on the lead from then on - just carried on as usual. It does make me mad. I know this is far away from the lakes you talk of, Pete - LOL.

Pete said...

it all comes down to consideration. Something far too lacking in todays society.

Diddums said...

I found this Scotsman article today - on dogs and ducks!