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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


300 years ago today the Act of Union between England and Scotland was signed forming the United Kingdom. I don't hold out much hope of it lasting another 300 years!

The SNP say that if they win the Scottish Elections they'll introduce a bill to hold a Referendum on Independence. I always felt that devolution was the first step on the road to independence. Being Britain we had a cocked up version of devolution. Firstly Scotland is over represented, check out election nights and see how small consituency sizes are. Secondly it strikes me as odd that my MP has no say on education matters whereas the MP for Motherwell can vote on matters in England.

I have no objection to a Scottish PM but it strikes me as daft that a Mr G Brown will soon set policy for England with those electing him not affected so they won't necessarily kick him out if he bodges it.

There are those asking for an English Parliament or at least Scottish MP's excluded from voting on certain issues.

I think this was originally called the West Lothian Question.

The BBC Newsnight program have conducted a poll to find out feelings on independence and at present the majority are against it. That said as time goes on I think it will become more natural.

I believe that if Scotland have a referendum, and I have no ojection to any country opting out of the Union, that England, Wales and Northern Ireland should have similar polls. It would surely make sense that all countries either endorse the union or opt out. It would be mildly amusing if Scotland, Wales and North Ireland voted to continue the Union and England did not!

Talking of anniversaries its 60 years since the plan for Harlow New Town was drawn up. Harlow was incorporated the market town of Harlow, now a neighbourhood within known as "Old Harlow", and the villages of Great Parndon, Latton, Tye Green, Potter Street, Churchgate Street, Little Parndon and Netteswell.

The BBC reports that Harlow was once considered a Utopia! Its hard to believe walking around today. Harlow was meant to be airy, to encourage community spirit. Modern Art was dotted around the town. A Community Hall is now a casino and the art is likely to have chewing gum stuck all over it. Or have someone decapitate it.

Apparently lots of money is to be spent giving Harlow a facelift. Basildon, Hatfield, Peterborough, Stevenage, Telford, Crawley, Bracknell, and Skelmersdale are also earmarked.

I would suggest there was nothing wrong with the original vision. The problem is the people who live there!


Kate said...

"I would suggest there was nothing wrong with the original vision. The problem is the people who live there!"

And who's being catty now! LOL It must be the day for it. January 16th - Get Your Claws Out Day.

I've always imagined Harlow to be rather nice - I suppose I hear the name and connect it with Jean Harlow which lends it an air of glamour. I'm guessing I'm wrong about all this.

Pete said...

ah well kate i live there!! town of 80,000 and no specialist book shop!

its a new town! nuff said

Kate said...

Doncaster is the same for book shops - there are only three and they don't offer much apart from best sellers. I find there is more choice at the second hand book stall on our local market.

That is one of the things I miss about Scarborough, that has great book shops. Most are small independent ones, but they carry an amazing range of titles, and lots that you never see in the bigger shops.