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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I wonder what the seven wonders of the England & Wales would be? I don't have enough knowledge of Scotland

The Humber Bridge? Tower Bridge? The Clifton Suspension Bridge? Ironbridge?

Caenarfon Castle? Cardiff Castle?

Chatsworth? Hampton Court? The Brighton Pavillion? Windsor Castle? Castle Howard?

Stonehenge? Avebury?

Canterbury Cathedral? Westminster Abbey? Lincoln Cathedral? Wells Cathedral? St Pauls Cathedral?

Eden Project? Gherkin?

Any views and suggestion boys and girls


Kate said...

I've always rather liked Durham Cathedral and the Uffington White Horse.

Jan said...

I nominate the new Severn Bridge crossing, what a wonderful piece of kit that is. I think really ancient achievements ought to be in the list though, when you think of how they moved stuff around with no transport or tools, then Stonehenge has got to be up there.

Pete said...

I really need to revisit Durham. I was on my way somewhere and not fully relaxed.I'm not the biggest fan of romanesque architecure.

Uffinton? nah. Can't believe I forgot Silbury Hill though

Seven Bridge? ok a possible.

Kate said...

Yes, do revisit Durham, it's a nice little city. I'm quite a fan, even if it has got the most perplexing multi-storey car park I've ever encountered. I love the cathedral, it has a wonderful atmosphere and presence.