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Friday, December 22, 2006


You've decided that you want some sun at Christmas. You've booked a holiday on the med and what happens? England strikes back and you get caught at Heathrow.

Still the fog rather scuppers my plans I had intended two solid days birding before the festivities started but if its going to be damp, dull, grey, cold and miserable I may just not bother! Then again ;)

I made a sarcastic comment on Sharon's blog about Mills and Boon. It struck me last night that the book I was reading could almost qualify as Mills and Boon. The book is Arrow's Flight by Mercedes Lackey and though the book is fantasy (set on different world, some sort of magic etc) it qualifies as Romantic Fantasy and for girls everywhere it has "horses" that can talk (Dawn would be in heaven).

The book is not very demanding and escapist tosh. Enjoyable though and of course there are times when we don't want something heavy. Before you say all fantasy is escapist tosh I say well maybe but some books demand more of you and give you an emotional roller coaster ride along the way. The characters are real and flawed whereas in this one all the heroes are wonderful. Its all a bit sugary, you can't be chosen by your talking horsey if you aren't nice.

My first thought was that the series was conceived for young adults but there is rather too much sex going on (ok not descriptive and much off it off stage) for that to be the case.

Its curious I am enjoying the book even if its lightweight etc etc but if stuck Mills and Boon on it I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.


Sharon J said...

Does this mean you've overcome your prejudice, Pete? Funnily enough, Mills & Boon heroes/heroines are flawed. They rarely, if ever, buy a manuscript depicting perfect characters because although it is 'escapist tosh' as you put it, there needs to be a certain degree of realism so that readers can relate to the characters. And there ends today's HMB lesson :-)

Pete said...

Sharon, I have no problem with escapist tosh. I've read plenty of it over the years!