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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Well had the results to my chest X-ray yesterday. I had no idea who I was seeing could I get a 5th doctor!! There was a message flashing Dr P is running 45 mins late so I KNEW who I was seeing. I settled in with my book but soon my name was called for a Doctor I had seen!! No 3 I think!! and I'm fine.

Mum is losing her hair again sigh :( She noticed last Wednesday (before her trip to the specialist) and was quite tearful apparently. Although she is still upset the good news Thursday has sort of softened the blow and the fact she is now feeling better obviously helps. So it looks like it'll be back to the wig for Christmas. Sigh

I think she finishes Chemo in Feb so lets hope it grows back again.


Lee said...

Awww...tell your mum bald is beautiful! Warm wishes for a "Happy" Christmas. ;)

Cherrypie said...

Your poor mum. My auntie lost he hair when she had chemo a few years ago. She bought 2 gorgeous wigs, one for everyday wear and a posher party one for going out. They are both lovely and I'm trying to muster up the courage to ask her if I can borrow one. I've always fancied being a blonde, but not long enough to affect my intelligence or nuffink.