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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Shops, Cameras and Birds

I had a few bits and pieces to get this morning. I got to Tesco before 6:30 at there was still lots of people there!! Anyway my parents will moan about the loarge bars of chocolate and then appear every so often with pieces ;)

I then popped in Bishops Stortford. There was a camera shop and I wanted to hold some of those 12x bridge cameras. They never had the Canon S3IS but did have the Panasonic FZ50. Felt like a "proper" read dSLR camera. The chap asked me if I had seen it elsewhere when I asked him the price. He had quoted £450 and whipped the camera out of my hand when I quoted him £350!! I'd have liked to feel the FZ7 but decided he wasn't impressed. I didn't like to tell him that I could get the camera, case, spare battery, usb reader and 2gb card and STILL have change. I'm tempted.

So I headed to Hatfield Forest. Enjoyable stroll pity about the dog walkers who don't understand that keep dogs on lead in lake area refers to them!! Stopped for a cup of tea and a healthy breakfast :)

Birds seen
  1. Canada Geese
  2. Mallard
  3. Pochard
  4. Tufted Duck
  5. Grey Heron
  6. Kestrel
  7. Moorhen
  8. Coot
  9. Black Headed Gull
  10. Stock Dove
  11. Wood Pigeon
  12. Great Spotted Woodpecker
  13. Green Woodpecker
  14. Dunnock
  15. Robin
  16. Blackbird
  17. Mistle Thrush
  18. Fieldfare
  19. Redwing
  20. Goldcrest
  21. Long-tailed Tit
  22. Marsh Tit
  23. Blue Tit
  24. Great Tit
  25. Nuthatch
  26. Magpie
  27. Jackdaw
  28. Carrion Crow
  29. Chaffinch
  30. Greenfinch
  31. Goldfinch
  32. Bullfinch


oldcrow61 said...

Got quite a chuckle out of the camera bit. My gosh, what a lot of birds you've seen in one morning.

nicola said...

Oh I think you should get a new camera, that way I wont be the only one going on about their new toy!!