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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Obssessed moi?

My mate Dave and I always used to chat about birds. Phone conversations would go something like.

"You fancy going to see that if its still there Saturday?"

nowadays its

"Bloody Lee McCullough's been suspended!"
"has he? bugger I'll have to transfer him out"

"Why didn't Robben play?"
"injured himself in warm up"

Coming back from a birding trip the radio can bring joy (your player has scored or you've kept a clean sheet) or disaster as when Dave said "I bought a Man City defender. Wigan Man city has 0-0 written all over". Wigan 4 - 0 Man City. We saw the Red Flanked Bluetail that day so pain was assuaged!!

its not that we are big footy fans but we've signed up for the FA fantasy football league. Now neither of us has great pretensions to win but in our little sub league of 24 we're doing ok. He's 3rd and I'm 4th Corinna is 2nd.

Nowadays I'll check the net for the most stupid of games and whereas before I'd happily see Chelski and West Ham stuffed now its a little bit different. I have Lampard and Drogba you see so there two goals were a godsend Sunday and as much as I normally want to see West Ham lose (oh the wind ups) on Sunday they were playing Man U and it was good that Man U conceded - I don't have a Man U defender the three above me all did!!

Obsessed? No well maybe a little!!

The Leader - 926
Corinna - 910
Dave - 898
Me - 866
the bloke in 5th 865

I was going through a torrid patch but I've picked up a bit.


Cherrypie said...

You're talking that funny language again that I cannot understand. I'm sure what you are saying is beautiful though x

Eagleseagles said...

Well I can take it or leave it. I'm not obsessed at all. I hardly ever look at the results or who ever plays for my team.

(Yeah right...Pete was PM me the league while I was away in NZ!!!
Whilst it is a lot to do with luck as to who you have in your team and the certainly makes the premiership more interesting!! Its a funny old game!!)

Pete said...

CP = sowwy!!

Corinna - oh yeah right. Who was making substitutions in NZ !!