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Friday, December 29, 2006

Huffed Off with the weather

I had anticipated today being a quiet day, you know the sort of thing last day of the year not many people about.....

so of course I had two jobs down when I came in. Anyway all sorted!

Looks at weather forecast... rain, wind!! Bugger the chances of Penduline Tits flying about.... I am not going to spend Saturday indoors and I am not going to go to any shops!

Gets on knees please don't rain please don't rain!!


Anonymous said...

You thought of Rainham Marshes then?I will go in the New Year.

I still need 2 birds to beat Seth (he is on 314) but all are in Scotland or Corwall!!

The Buff breasted Sandpiper of North Norfolk fame will be seen in I cant go that far now with all these cats to feed!!

Please dont rain, please dont rain!!


Cherrypie said...

I may have overlooked the cheeky comment you left about earthquakes but I cannot ignore such a scurrilous slur on my anatomy. I ALWAYS wear a sports bra when bouncing on my spacehopper so the chances of you spotting my pendulous tits are extremely remote.

Pete said...

Just for you CP

nicola said...

Jessops tomorrow Pete x

Anonymous said...

I cant get the link!!
I know you are aiming at CP but!!


Pete said...

you'll need to rebuild but broken it in three.

you can see it all in IE not in firefox!