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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bringing some culture into your lives

The Quacks of Life likes to bring you the latest in culture. Whereas some blogs play you dirges by some Scots bloke called Paolo we here give you the release of Jingle Bells by the Baarmy Sheep. The Baarmy Sheep are a flock of sheep from the Lake District.

The single was initially released last year was featured on the Cumbria Tourism website and received thousands of downloads.

The tourist board have received lots requests for the tune so it is now on the website.

You can download it as a ringtone or MP3. Press here to go the page where you can watch the movie and listen to this piece of classic pop at the same time. Oh they are better looking than Paolo as well.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! So funny!

Boo x

For some reason my password is not being recognised.

Anonymous said...

That's a riot. OC

Anonymous said...

This is about the rescue of the horses in the Netherlands, really heartwarming!


Cherrypie said...

Are you dissing the Nuttini?

Pete said...

cp would I dare do that....