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Sunday, December 31, 2006

And another one gone!

Well there you go and so that was 2006. A year that promised much and delivered? Well it happened. They always seem to go so quickly!

Mum's tribulations with Cancer have of course overshadowed most things and losing my voice for the whole of November was a bit of a low light.

It was meant to be year full of Sun. Spain in May and Trinidad & Tobago in December! I think that was off the agenda by ooh 7th January.

That said as years go it wasn't all bad. Hell it was nowhere near as bad as 1991. I saw some great places and had some enjoyable days birding. I met Cherry Pie!! For all that there are things about my life I'd like to be different I'm generally quite content. Doesn't take much, a good book, decent glass of wine, some good birds etc.

When 2006 had started I had never heard of blogging! Yeah I know I know and some of you wish I never had ;).

Bird of the Year? It should be the Red-Flanked Blue Tail, attractive and rare BUT it gets edged out for me by the incredibly showy Red Breasted Flycatcher at Gun Hill. The bird had it all.

Plans for 2007? I hope Mum will be ok. I just sort of drift through life really. Always have always will I guess. Must think about Holidays though!

Anyway tomorrow is January 1st. So I'll wish you a Happy New Year. I'll be up over the forest!


Cherrypie said...

You mean I wasn't Bird of the Year?

I bet you'd been out and got 62 ticks on your list before 8am this morning.

Hope 2007 delivers more highs than lows.

Happy New Year, sweetheart x

Pete said...

I am too much of a gentleman to refer to you as a bird CP