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Sunday, December 17, 2006


I was asked in yahoo if I would give someone a call at 7 this morning because they didn't have an alarm. Anyway at 7 I rang and the person was awake ("I was wide awake at ten to 7").

Have you noticed this phenomena before? If you really must wake up you do! I set the alarm clock every morning but invariably I am awake before and if its something REALLY important I am always awake. This doesn't stop me setting the alarm (ah that should read clock, radio and mobile phone! oh we subsequently found out the person had an alarm on their mobile) .

My Dad is even worse in that he doesn't sleep when he has to get up. Now I can understand why he does this if he's taking Mum to the hospital for results but he does this at other times. When I take them on holiday he doesn't sleep. He used to do this when I was young he'd worry about the journey, do I turn here do I..... but he still does it. Me I just go soundo. We get up and he's bleary eyed and usually I know exactly where I'm going oh the joys of streetmap.

My Dad is an inveterate worrier. As Mum says if he has nothing to worry about he'll worry about it. He also can't relax. On a Sunday morning I go round for my roast and Mum and I will be reading paper, book or chatting and he'll disappear only to be found washing my car. If that doesn't need doing it'll be the grass or something. Thankfully I take after my Mum in that respect.


Boo said...

I think your dad must be a distant relative of my dad. He hardly ever sleeps anyway. I also seem to have inherited some of his problems. I can't sleep if I am going somewhere, I am afraid I will oversleep!

My mum sounds like yours, dad says she could sleep on a washing line!

nicola said...

Im a worrier, I can worry about everything, I even worry about stuff that I dont even know

oldcrow61 said...

Lol Boo, your mom and dad sound like mine. My dad also says that you could hang mom over a clothes line and she would still sleep.