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Sunday, November 05, 2006


For the first time in over 4 years I spent a Saturday confined to the house. Got out of bed at 10 lazied around, drove to Tesco to get papers and then spent spent the afternoon watching Star Trek repeats and doing suduko's.

I still have little appetite. Food yesterday was soup and cereal. I think I can afford to lose the "odd" pound ;) Its odd I've not felt this rough since the xmas I moved into the house (1994).

Watched Strictly Come Dancing and lazed around again.

I got cat naps last night but did get some sleep just fitful.

I went around Mum's for lunch it was like being a kid I had my old standby Tomato Soup and Mashed Spuds ;) But I felt awful, I kept nodding off but it was the effing heat as soon as I got home I was much better. No wonder mum is always nodding off.

What to do this afternoon? I've stuck Fellowship of the Ring on. Peter Jackson has done a super job.

I think i'll be off tomorrow I need a bit more rest. My first sicky in 4 years.....

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Lee said...

Fellowship of the Ring is a great choice for a sick day...definitely helps to escape our current circumstances! Feel better!