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Thursday, September 28, 2006

UK has best roadworks in Europe

I'm sure this will please you but apparently we in Britain have the best roadworks in Europe.

Apparently the roadworks on the M42 at Birmingham came out top on a series of roadworks throughout Europe. The M1 at Hemel Hempstead and the M25 Cheshunt are rated very good.

I bet this will make you very happy.


Boo said...

Having had to use that road, I am ecstatic!

Cherrypie said...

Funnily enough, as I sat admiring the third set of roadworks on the detour because of the closed road on my way home from work, I don't think I could have been any happier had I read this fact before setting off.

Hornet said...

Speaking as someone who picked up three points and a £60 penalty on the very first day the M42 roadworks were in place (didn't see the 50 signs until way too late), I'm inclined to disagree.

I prefer the roadworks in Slovenia. We have an arrangement - I promise never to go there and they promise not to give me any hassle.