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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Toys for the 21st Century

When I was a lad boys played with Action Man (with gripping hands or eagle eyes). Girls played with Barbie and Sindy. But oh no todays boys and girls get trailertrash dolls.

The bloke says things like "15 beers and you're still ugly" has a mullet, a broken teeth etc

Where's my Action Man ? Maybe I get his gripping hands around there little necks ;)


Cherrypie said...

Tell me they aren't real. God. I've always hated dolls.

Give book tokens, not dolls!

Boo said...

I NEVER had a barbie!

Anonymous said...

like barbie is any better...?

The Quacks of Life said...

CP = they are
Boo - aw bless, after you time?
Nathalie - well Barbie at least offers an aspirational lifestyle....

Anonymous said...

Yeah superficial bliss, anorectic women with big boobs and musclemountain men..

Seems equally bad in my book :) Can't people just make normal dolls, after all kids often just want to imitate their parents "real life".

The Quacks of Life said...

I believe Sindy is meant to be more "normal"

Nathalie - I'm going to rename you Lisa Simpson ;) Have you ever seen the Malibou Stacey episode??

Anonymous said...

Of course I have! I like that show.
But honestly, big muscly men, skinny big boobed women aren't much better than the alcoholic hillbilly. I mean they're putting these out there as "normal". Or what about the action dudes for guys and little flower-picking or makeup-crazy girls. I mean it's ridiculous. And what's up with teaching small kids that it's hilarious to shoot and kill???

What about Bratz!? MY GOD! I wish I could burn them all. Ack well at least they have some black and latino dolls.. sigh.

It just pisses me off that it's either housekeeping pink fluff or black/blue killing spree. There's no middle ground to choose from. It's like these companies want to keep the roles, same with clothes. A lot of parents really craaaave for neutral clothes, but no big companies will make them. (small ones do though) A study showed small boys adore glitter! So a small company started to sell blue cammopants with some glitter on them, sold like nuts.

This guy is popular in Sweden, or was more so when I was little.

In one big chain-store here they had a girly version sweater with him on it, and a boy version. Picking flowers in pink on the first, fighting a wolf on the second. Brainwashing the youngsters...
People say it's natural behaviour to some extent, but honestly we know how much images and things like that affects us, so why would it be any different with kids?

I just don't want to have kids of my own in 10-15 years to find that in the store I have nothing but pink and blue to choose from. makeup doll vs. action man, dress vs. playfriendly pants. I would want to raise a person not a wandering sex.

Nothing gets me going more than equality issues and discrimination of various kinds ;) Phew that was long.. I think I need a break.

The Quacks of Life said...

I hadn't noticed this subject wound you up Nathalie ;)